A better energy flow for a healthier life

A good and balanced energy flow is vital for our physical and mental well-being. Energy Rebalancing offers a way of looking at the whole body rather than just the parts with symptoms. Weak spots or missing links in our energy network can cause a large range of challenges from e.g. recurring headaches to more serious health problems. These can be detected through the use of a measuring device (tensor) and subsequently be re-balanced by a transmission of energies canalized through the healer's hands which are placed onto or close to the energy centres (chakras), energy channels (meridians) or body parts concerned



Evelyn Heinel

About Me


I have always been interested in alternative healing methods because  of their more holistic approach.

After years of training my intuition and experiencing different types of healing methods, I came across the teachings of Horst Krohne's school which to me offer the perfect  equilibrium: very concrete ways of re-balancing energies for people with  different types of health problems AND connecting with the client through my sensitivity -  a way of responding to every person's needs in a fully individual way.




I hold a diploma from Horst Krohne's school in Frankfurt/Germany and have participated for a number of years in seminars at the Arthur Findlay College in the UK. I have also trained  with Linda Vielau in  Öttingen/Germany in Aura Surgery.

With an enquiring  mind, I am constantly updating my knowledge and  exploring new techniques to integrate into my healing work. 


I speak English, French, German and Dutch.